Thursday, June 12, 2008

Principles Found in MARIPOSA

*Qualities and Messages to be Found in Mariposa *

1. Genuine acceptance of life “as it is” will open the door to spiritual expansiveness.

2. There is no such thing as the “Other.” Everyone is a mirror.

3. The lie we live by is that we are separate from God.

4. Everything we need, in order to be euphoric, alive, and in love exists within – fully accessible at any moment. The key is surrender.

5. Love, Praise, and Gratitude will give us the experience of life we seek.

6. Joy can be found within our sense of aliveness.

7. Sooner or later we will fulfill our dreams.

8. Awaken to and acknowledge our true motivations in our relationships, and forgive.

9. We are ensconced in mystery throughout our lives.

10. Life is a journey, but it is also, and more importantly, an experience, in the moment.

11. The flaw in us connects us to each other.

12. The nurturing Spirit of life wants to be known by us. It always hovers nearby, seeking to join with us.

13. We are all on a quest for a wholly inhabited life.

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